Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hospitality? Sweet!

It’s the little details that I love.
I pounced on some deliciously cheap hand towels at Pearl River when I first saw them a couple of years ago. It's now my go-to source for all things dish-and-hand. (It sells amazing, patterned tableware, too!) Pearl began as a little-known boon for designers and smart shoppers and quickly grew into a larger Manhattan mainstay. Now PR’s got eCommerce, so everyone benefits.
These towels aren’t matchy-matchy at all: Their bold colors look great with everything in my 50’s-style tiled bathroom (yes, I rent). The cordial goodMorning (above) is $1.95 and the cheerful double happiness terrycloths are $3.50 each and bound to wow weekend guests.

I think that peppering your abode with some strategically placed whimsy is essential because it makes it clear that you’re not taking things too seriously. Odd, charming items are great fun to look at—and they always make you feel more at home.

Pair them up with these tiny glycerin soaps ($1.95 each)... ...or a few of these sandalwood (3 for $1.75) numbers.

All make for thoughtful, chic parting gifts, too. A.

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