Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Olive Africa

A prop stylist who works with my artist-friend Addie, once gave me the heads-up on Bamboula Ltd., an import/wholesale business dealing in handcrafted jewelry and home goods crafted by citizens of Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Tanzania and Uganda.

I’m in love with the fact that everything bought on this site is: A) Made in Africa, by Africans and B) Proceeds from purchases go directly to indigenous artisans and their families to help with food, housing, medical costs, etc.

This set of three hand-woven sisal nesting baskets were made in Kenya and are listed on the site for $27! Their olive hue is a nice complement to a sterile, white loo in need of a little organic punch. Consider these warm, minimal receptacles as your solution to the messy piles of makeup and brushes currently cluttering your bathroom countertops. A.

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