Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fabulous Reuses: Silica Gel Packets

I'm back! And I'm sure you'll be excited to know, I cleaned out my horrendous closet. I must’ve thrown away 20 shoeboxes. As I recycled each one, I collected double the number of silica gel packets.

They’re the little papery sachets that are tucked into the packaging of a new handbag or pair heels. Their mission? To suck up damaging moisture. It always seemed strange to toss them (are they even safe for a landfill?), so I researched their reuses.

Turns out, insects such as silverfish and firebrats love to hide out in books, snacking on broken-down bindings and collected dust between pages. 

So now, I chuck all extra desiccants onto my bookshelf, behind the books
The gel rests in unseen gaps and it keeps my books insect- and mold-free. I also flung several into the drawer where I keep my winter woolens and furs (right), as humidity's a killer for most garments--manmade and otherwise. 

And since I'm on the subject of pest control, I also use Moth Away, an unbelievable all-natural herbal repellant that keeps clothes fresh (and free of those heartbreaking holes) -- so I'm not walking around smelling like the Crypt Keeper. A.


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